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Dr.Thiza "The Gentle Warrior" album is getting great  reviews.

"The gentle warrior" is the debut full length album for Dr. Thiza, and only a few words are needed to describe what musical gem Soul Sun Soul Music will release soon, so let us simply quote our response to the label shortly after we received the promo in our mailbox: "What an incredible album of ingenious multifaceted afro-deep house we have here... essential !!" Deep infectious rhythms and beats together with glorious keys and chords make this the perfect choice for any deep and late night set. Don't sleep on it...

Written by Mike Fossati   Spirit Of House           http//

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Nick Nolder (DNH) Dr. Thiza - Victory (Original Mix) DOPE! 10/10

Eddie Boom- Dr. Thiza - Allure (Original Mix)
Yes Yes Yes.....Dr Thiza does it again with ALLUre this trk has it all and sets the mood thru out...IN regular South African Fashion LOve it You have my full support and defo in Heavy rotation Nice Wk............. 10/10

Edground- Dr. Thiza - Allure (Original Mix)
I´m diggin´ it. Loveee the smooth afro sounds here. I will play definetelly. DOPE release. 10/10

Mikki Afflick- Dr. Thiza- Gentle Warroir & Victory - I love that he has his own unique style of Afro house, and that I have some really nice music that can be played in my lounge, opening or closing sets. 10/10

Spirit Of House-Dr. Thiza - I am Africa (Dr. Thiza (Original Mix))

Want an incredible album of ingenious multifacted afro-deep house we have here... essential 9/10

Mark Mendoza-Dr. Thiza - Gentle Warrior (Original Mix) Rich textures for the dance floor. 8/10

Dj Pope- Dr. Thiza - Allure (Original Mix) Straight heat right here 8/10

Dj-FLX Chicago -,'im Diggin this Origninal mix of Allure hotness,sexy,sultry,this fits my Infectious groove''..this will def set the tone for a Dance Floor Elevation..the''Warrior mix rides a step further,and Honestly i cant pick a best mix but i like what im hearing good over all..Good looking out.!,on the about send sum people to the Hospital..with these cuts!! 8/10

Denz Devarez- Dr. Thiza - Mysteries (Original Mix) Another slammer from Soul Sun Soul Music! Full Support! 8/10

Junior White- Dr. Thiza - Victory (Original Mix) Lovin also Ntsako And Reminiscence....full support blessings 8/10

Boddhi Stava- Dr. Thiza - Ntsako (Original Mix)
Great LP. Will support Ntsako & I Am Africa. Much success to you guy's with this project. 7/10

Carlos Mena- Dr. Thiza - I am Africa (Dr. Thiza (Original Mix)) I am digging I am Africa 7/10

Mthulisi Patrick -Dr. Thiza - Ntsako (Original Mix) Liking Allure; Ntsako and I Am Africa are a definite for the Afrika's Calling playlist.. 7/10

T_Table (South Africa media) - Soul Sun Soul Music Dr. Thiza - Ntsako (Original Mix)
SOUL SUN SOUL is Shining!!! I'm definitely gonna be rocking "Ntsako" & "Mysteries" on my DSR Radio shows, nice one Dr Thiza, keep representing South Africa (Mzansi Fo Sho), Peace! 8/10

I am Africa makes Traxsource Top 10. May 7, 2011
I am Africa MIkki Afflick feat. Mona Bode Including mixes by Khanya Balani & Dr. Thi
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